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Shani Dhaiya

Shani Dhaiya

Shani Dev’s transit period can turn a king to a pauper, and can diminish the powers to a pleading level. Saturn’s power is so strong that even Lord Rama and the Pandava’s  couldn’t be spared. People are afraid of saturn’s period and malefic saturn as shani’s very nature is mysterious and unpredictable.

Saturn travels slowly as compare to the other planets in orbit. And as a result Saturn’s dashas stay for a longer time in one zodiac sign. A person afflicted by Shani Dasha will experience its impact for at least 2 and a half years. The duration of 2.5 years may bring difficulties and a person undertakes extremely laborious periods, shani is a task master, shani is a teacher. The duration of shani in one zodiac sign remains for 2 and a half years, therefore Saturn’s dasha in one’s horoscope is called Shani Dhaiya and remedies are very effective if executed properly by a learned vedic brahman.

One more frightening dasha of Saturn is called Shani Sade sati. Sade Sati of Saturn is understood to be very difficult and  painful. During this period one may have to face hurdles and issues for a term of 7 and a half years.Between the 2 dashas of Saturn lets take Shani Dhaiya and Remedies as our prime subject of discussion here.

As to vedic astrology Dhaiya starts when Shani aspects a zodiac sign or reaches in the eighth house of a native’s horoscope. A few astrologers term it as semi-beneficial Dhaiya.  Fundamentally, Shani’s Dhaiya is not inauspicious in nature neither it mandates to be malefic. The positive results are attain even in shani sade sati and shani dhaiya provided the native has done good karmas/deeds. If a person is afflicted by Dhaiya and his horoscope contains benefic Moon and Saturn, he will certainly achieve happiness in lieu of frustrations and sufferings.

When Shani aspect third, seventh and tenth houses it is called to be shani is in complete aspects. If Shani transits in the fourth house of a zodiac sign then it aspects the sixth and tenth houses besides its standing sign. Shani’s aspect over these circumstances create exorbitant changes in one’s life.