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Business Report

Business Report


We provide the business report by analysing the kundli and the whole process is governed under the supervison of Astrologer Ankush Kakkar. No effort is left so that correct analysis report be generated and send to our client.

Are you are going to start your new business or you are already running a business or you are just curious to know whether self-employed or service is better you?. This business astrology report is meant for you. Our astrologers will analyze complete planetary positions in your horoscope.

We analyse, Lagna, Lagna lord, 5thhouse, 5thhouse lord, 7thHouse, 7thHouse lord, 10thhouse, 10thhouse lord. 6thhouse is also very important – it is for service sector industry and now it is the time of service sector industry. We also analyse the planets aspecting these houses.

Placement of Saturn in one’s horoscopes plays a very important role in terms of decision business or service. Hence, add to these Saturn’s- rule, which in modern terms should be called positive or negative. If Saturn is well placed and it is exalted in horoscope, it will give self-employment with very good success. If it is debility or not well placed, it would be hard to have a successful business


Consultation Charges: Rs. 2100/-