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Health Report

Health Report

All reports are generated under the supervision of Astrologer Ankush Kakkar. Team Astro groups specialises in astro calculations and generating reports.

The various parts of the body are associated with different astrological signs, planets and the houses. Astrology has the answer to all the health issues, human body can have.Not many people realize the importance of positions of stars and the influence of the planetary transitions upon their health. It is believed that each of the planets and star signs rule over particular areas of the human body. Since the ancient ages, the study of astrology and human health has been intertwined.

Medical astrology was propounded by our ancient sages. Various diseases and health disorders are caused by the planetary positions. Over the years, astrologers have studied the observations made and out of that, they formulated the laws in medical astrology. Astrology can aid in predicting and diagnosing a disease by looking at the horoscope.

Our report is the total calculation of all the aspect related to the health issue.



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