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Baglamukhi Yantra

Baglamukhi Yantra

Baglamukhi Maha Yantra is used to power & dominance over enemies. Baglamukhi yantra is very powerful and useful yantra for victory over enemies, law suits, court cases, success in quarrels and compititions. The presiding deity goddess Baglamukhi is the conroller of this powerful Yantra which encharges Yantra with occoult forces. Baglamukhi yantra is useful for victory over enemies, success in law suits, quarrels and compettitions. The worship of this yantra is performed in a particular star and moment when there is maximum power generated from the planet MARS, by wearing yellow dress, on yellow asana, with yellow flowers and yellow beads. 

goddess Baglamukhi resides within a Yantra. Yantra is regarded to be very auspicious for religious performances. Yantra also represents the folding of hand before gods as a sign of paying respect to the gods. Yantra symbolizes every religious process, temples and other important religious indications. Prior to the use of a Yantra, it needs to be purified and energized. After constructing a Yantra it should be bathed, placed on a golden pedestal and then be showered with Kunda, Gola or Udbhava flowers or with the eight scents. Since the Yantra represents the god, it should be worshipped by chanting an appropriate mantra. This invokes the divine power of the god into the Yantra. The entire ritual should be conducted at night. Yantras energized during the nights of Maha Shivratri, Holi and Diwali are most effective and powerful. Before wearing a Yantra, foremost it should be drawn using the eight Kaula perfumes and the key mantra must be written on it. On the outer portion of the Yantra, the armour and 1000 names should be written. After the power of the goddess is invoked into the Yantra, it should be held in a metal holder and strung in gold or silver thread and then can be worn to reap maximum benefits. Red, orange, yellow or a combination of these should be used while drawing a Yantra on a paper. One should worship the Yantra by lightening license or lamp before it and making offerings early in the morning. 

Baglamukhi yantra is effective as a memo of acheiving success over enemies. This yantra also offers protection for cuts, scars, operations and accidents. Baglamukhi yantra should be written or embossed on copper, brorze or Silver or Gold. It is worn in neck as well as kept in the puja ghar. It's pooja be performed through yellow beads, rosary and yellow dress through Beej Mantra to be recited daily. 
!!Om Hleem Baglamukhi Sarwdushtanam Wacham Mukham Padam
Stambhay Jihwa Kilay Buddhi Vinashay Hleem Om swaha!!