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Nav Durga Yantra

Navdurga Yantra
The Navadurga are the different forms of Devi Durga or Devi Parvati. These nine forms of manifestation are Sailaputri शैलपुत्री, Brahmachariṇi व्रह्मचारणी, Candraghaṇṭa  चन्द्रघन्टा, Kusamaṇḍa कुशमन्दा, Skandamata स्कन्दमाता, Katyayani कात्यायनी, Kalaratri कालरात्री, Mahagauri महागौरी and Siddhidatri  सिद्धिदात्री; together worshipped during the Navratri (Nine Divine Nights) celebration in Autumn each year.
Navdurga Yantra is used to worship all nine forms of Goddess Durga. This is a powerful Yantra for fulfillment of highest desires, removal of business and personal problems  ,to remove difficulties and to conquer enemies. Navdurga Yantra is especially worshipped during Navratras.
This Yantra bestows wealth and property and protects the person from all sorts of physical and other dangers. Worship of this Yantra with faith gives progress in life and eliminates difficult problems.