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Samwat 2072- 2073

Samwat 2072- 2073

The king of new samwatsar will be Venus/Shukra and Mantri will be Mercury/Budh which is a sign of prosperity, happiness, development.


2016 Predictions For Aries/Mesh:

Aries people will face some problems in life this year due to impact of shani. Although opportunities will come to increase business and livelihood. But with this unwanted expenses may disturb the life so it is better to not take any big decision and do scrutinize before investing. It is necessary to not loose will power in any case because efforts will definitely bring success in life.

Those who have good shani may get chance to enhance there property, farmers may also thrive. Family problems may arise which will give tension, Health problems may arise due to shani so it is necessary to do proper exercise, pranayam, take good diet and also perform prayers regularly which will help to make life better.


2016 Predictions For Taurus/Vrishabh:

This year is not very special for taurus people but will bring new opportunities to expand business, social status, property. This year is good for the people who are in administration, politics, planning and development. Auspicious work will develop happy environment, family environment may also become good which will help in life. There is also yoga of travelling this year so be ready to enjoy different places and also there is chance to go abroad.

Problems related to digestion, cough and cold may arise so do take care.


2016 Predictions For Gemini/Mithun Zodiac:

I can say that this year will be a wish fullfilling year for the gemini people, Service people may get good growth in service and business people may feel good changes in vyapar. Opportunities will help gemini people to learn and earn in 2016. Partnership will also favor and politicians may also get good benefits in this year. Don't leave a single moment to work for success this year.

There is also chance to travel abroad and transfer in this year.


2016 Predictions For Cancer/Kark Zodiac:

Ups and down will be seen in life but with this success will come, status will come by hard work. Cancer people may also get opportunities to increase there income. But it is possible that unwanted expenses may create problems in life so be careful and control on your hand. It is possible that due to evil eye effects life may get disturbed. Digestion related problems, Blood related problems may arise so do take care.

If cancerians are taking part in any competitive exam then there is a good chance to clear it.


2016 Predictions For Leo/Singh Zodiac:

Because of presence of Jupiter in Leo this year you will feel the power within you, will-power will be good and you can take challenges this year. There is a good chance to get social status, increase in business, promotion in service. It is also very possible that you may spend in religious acitivities this year.

Dhaiyaa shani is also running in your zodiac because of this some obstacle may arise in life but there is a chance to invest in property. Politicians also get good changes in there life.

Do control in your temper and avoid any type of conflicts to live a peaceful life.


2016 Predictions For Virgo/Kanya Zodiac:

This year virgo people may face struggle to perform any task but at end they will get success. It is good to not loose any confidence in any case then no doubt success will be yours.There is chance of sudden monetary benefits too in this year so keep your senses active always. There is chance of good changes in job, business. Losses may recover this year.

It is possible that Virgo people may spend more in maintain there social status, family. So don't be pompous to avoid over expenses.

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2016 Predictions For Libra/Tula Zodiac:

There is good thing that this year is the last stage of shani sadesati and so opportunities will give you chance to increase income and prosperity. There is a chance to setup industry or factory to increase income. You will be able to dominate your rivals this year. It is also possible to get sudden monetary benefits so keep yourself alert. Desired transfer is possible and also students can pass exam with good results.

It is good to perform meditation to control mind.


2016 Predictions For Scorpio/Vrischik Zodiac:

Struggle will be continue this year because of the shani sade sati. Success will come after hard work. There is a chance of starting new work but keep yourself aware so that to save yourself from any type of cheating.

There is chance of sudden loss and sudden profit so keep patience and take every decision carefully. There is a chance of accidents so be careful. Don't trust on anyone easily otherwise heavy loss may occur.

Journey may also takes place and you may also engage in religious activities.


2016 Predictions For Saggittarius/Dhanu Zodiac:

Sagittarius people will face the impact of shani sadesati this year. But no need to feel pressure, you will be able to attract money and prosperity by your efforts. There is also a chance to get promotion in work. This year you may buy new vehicle and also invest in auspicious and religious work.

There is a chance to entangle in legal matters and problems from hidden enemies so keep yourself calm and take every decision carefully.


2016 Predictions For Capricorn/Makar Zodiac:

This year capricorn people are able to get name and fame because of there versatility. You will be able to accumulate wealth from different sources. You may start new work to increase earning sources. Authorities will increase, responsibilities will increase, Environment will give you chance to enhance your monetary power. Somehow ups and down may create tension but no need to think so much. Keep continue your work and en-cash opportunities well.


2016 Predictions For Aquarius/Kumbh:

This year Aquarius people may get chance to enhance there industry, business, work. You will also be able to get rid of your legal matters this year if any. Family problems may disturb mind but socially you will get growth. Prosperity and wealth will increase by your efforts. There is a travelling yoga and you may also spend in religious activities.

Over all a 2016 is a good for you.


2016 Predictions For Pisces/Meen Zodiac:

Struggle may continue this year but your efforts will give positive results at end so no need to loose confidence. Professionally you will get benefit, if you are a service person then get good growth, if you are a businessman then also get good return. Students may also get success in exams. If you are a spiritual practitioner then definitely you will get growth in your sadhna.

If there is any debt then you will be able to come out of it this year. So overall 2016 will bring success in your life.


So here are some common predictions about the 12 zodiacs, There is no need to think negative if planetary positions are not good, do pray from heart, it is sure that we can minimize our problems by continuous and heartily prayers.


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